Inland services

To meet customer’s specific transportation needs, we offer a full package of inland services, including:

  • Trucking services:
    Sanco Freight has its own trucking fleet, prime movers and trucking team to allow us to offer a flexible and efficient solution for our customers. We take on all the responsibility to avoid hassles and delays common with outsourcing

inland services

  • Coastal transport: deliver goods, cargoes from port to warehouse in Industrial park, factory in Ho Chi City, Mekong Delta, Highland, all the cross border Moc Bai, Lao Bao, Lang Son, Mong Cai, especcially along Vietnam from Hanoi to HCMC. Coastal Transportation Services of Sanco Freight also provide a wide range of railway transportation such as scheduled grouping, full wagon load and less than wagon load.
  • Custom Broker:
    We have experienced and understood of local Vietnamese companies, product regulations, taxation practices, customs requirement.  We can assist our customers by our end-to-end approachable and flexible services. As a result, goods can be released quickly, safely. Customer can save time, money and is hassle-free.
    We take great pride in our ability to facilitate customs clearance quickly and efficiently to assure time constraints are met. One of Sanco Freight’s proudest accomplishments is our professional and experienced staffs that work tirelessly to meet our customer’s deadlines.



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